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Show Me History: Graphic Nonfiction

Babe Ruth: Baseball's All-Time Best

Amelia Earhart: Pioneer of the Sky

Martin Luther King Jr.: Fighter for Freedom

(Upcoming) Harriet Tubman, Muhammad Ali, Jesus, Sacagawea, Helen Keller, Neil Armstrong

Who Was series books, biographies

Who Is Pele?

Who Are Venus and Serena Williams?

Who Was Milton Hershey?

Who Was Booker T. Washington?

Who Was Jules Verne?

Who Was Jesse Owens?
Who Were the Wright Brothers?
Who Was Betsy Ross?
Who Was Seabiscuit?
Who Was Blackbeard?

Who Was Ernest Shackleton?

Who Was Ernest Shackleton?

One of the greatest adventures of all time comes to life in this biography of the great English/Irish explorer, Ernest Shackleton. Today a model of leadership, in his day, he carved new paths in the southern oceans.

Who Was Milton Hershey?

A biography of the man who brought chocolate to America! Part of a popular series.

The Baseball Hall of Fame Collection

Combining capsule biographies of Baseball Hall of Fame members with short essays on baseball positions and history with a unique collection of "removable" reproductions of memorabilia, this is a one-of-a-kind gift for any baseball fan. From Sandy Koufax's scouting report to Lou Gehrig's contract to a 2001 World Series ticket, it's a new and exciting way to experience the great things in baseball's past.

Scholastic Year in Sports

From the Super Bowl to the World Series to the championship of mud soccer . . . The Scholastic Year in Sports covers the entire world of sports, including winners, losers, all-stars, records, big moments, and stunning plays. Meet heroes like Tiger Woods, LeBron James, Derek Jeter, Ryan Howard, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Jimmie Johnson, Lindsey Vonn, Candace Parker, Danica Patrick, Roger Federer, and more. Read about great times like the Steelers, Phillies, Yankees, Lakers, Cavs, Penguins, Univ. of Florida, Sparks, North Carolina, and many more. It's a kid's one-stop shopping stop for everything sports!

Perfect: The Story of Baseball’s 20 Perfect Games

Only in baseball can a player literally be perfect... these are the stories of those 17 special players (not yet updated with Mark Buehrle from 2009). “A perfect book on a fascinating topic...”
—Tim Kurkjian, ESPN

Obsessed with Football

The latest in the popular "Obsessed with... " series, this title covers every part of the National Football League, from records, history, and the draft to rookies, famous firsts, and the Super Bowl. Use the built-in touchpad to play against the book... or your football-obsessed friends!

Scholastic Book of Firsts

Including everything from airplanes to microwaves to the Super Bowl, this fact- and fun-packed book covers nothing but stuff that happened first. The first astronaut, the first zoo, the first computer, and the first kids to do all sorts of cool stuff.