James Buckley, Jr.

Selected Works

A pair of leveled books in the new Scholastic Readers series.
One of the greatest adventures of all time comes to life in this biography of the great English/Irish explorer, Ernest Shackleton.
A biography of the man who brought chocolate to America! Part of a popular series.
Bios of Baseball Hall of Fame members accompanied by removable memorabilia
All the sports news from the past year, plus a look ahead to the upcoming seasons.
Nonfiction / Sports
Re-live the greatest pitching performances in baseball history... 27 up and 27 down
Nonfiction / Sports / Trivia
Test your knowledge of pro football using a built-in computer and 2,500 questions!
Reference / Juvenile
Be the “first kid” on your block to find out how just about everything began!

Scholastic Books of Firsts

Here are some examples of famous firsts that curious kids will find in The Scholastic Book of Firsts by James Buckley Jr.

First Balloon Around the World
—American Steve Fossett took 16 days to float around the globe in 2002.

First Science Fiction Movie
—“A Trip to the Moon” came out in 1902!

First Children’s Best-Seller
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire made the top spot on The New York Times’ Best-Seller List in 2003.

First sneakers
—Keds went on sale in 1917.

First Graham cracker
—Kids in 1829 first enjoyed this snack, named for its inventor, Sylvester Graham.

First T. Rex
—The first fossils of the fierce Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur were found in 1902.

First Kid to Climb Mt. Everest
—Ming Kipa was only 15 when he made it to the top in 2003.

First Catcher’s Mask
—Fred Thayer invented this face-saving device in 1878.

There are thousands more fun first facts in The Scholastic Book of Firsts!

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